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What is GATE?
In 2011, the GATE Initiative (Graduation: A Team Effort) was started by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to work together with state partners, including the Department of Social and Health Services, Department of Health, Department of Commerce, Department of Early Learning, and community stakeholders and partners to prevent youth from dropping out, intervene in instances where students are at risk of leaving school, and re-engage those youth that have dropped out. As part of this work, OSPI is gathering information about dropout prevention and retrieval programs that are underway in Washington schools and communities.

What is this DPIR Inventory?
Dropout Prevention, Intervention and Retrieval (DPIR) programs offer strategies designed to increase student engagement and graduation rates in schools. Schools and communities in Washington State use a variety of DPIR programs to support students in school and reengage with those that have previously dropped out. Creating an inventory of current DPIR programs in Washington State can provide valuable information to schools, parents, and community members who are developing plans to lower the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate in their own schools.

What will you do with this information?
The information gathered will be used to create an inventory of student support programs in Washington that will be posted on the OSPI Web site, School administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and community members will be able to access the inventory and learn about programs that may benefit their students.

Your contribution to this inventory is valuable and greatly appreciated.